Note to Self

We live in a world where you either have to love yourself or you have to hate yourself. Where there are so many types of perfect that you need to fit in. There are so many loved imperfections you feel the need to achieve it. So much love and so much hate for just bodies… and the mind gets left behind.
I grew up with people pointing out my imperfections all the time, I grew up thinking that my body and my appearance are what defines me. It was a long and hard journey just to accept that they don’t. Somedays I still don’t believe it. It’s a path, a journey, never ending, towards self-improvement in my mind and my soul. Towards accepting the days that I love myself and the days that I hate myself. It’s a lesson that I hope I get to learn completely and then it can lead to a more fulfilling and less anxious state of mind. And hopefully the reflection on the mirror will match my soul.
I know what needs to be done: put myself first, take care of myself, accept myself, accept my feelings and my emotions.
I’m past 30, and still on that journey, I still have a long way to go. But meanwhile I’m here enjoying life, the good and the bad days, enjoying people, enjoying myself.

Autor: Erika

Quem escreve: De nome: Erika. Tenta escrever o que mais lhe apetece. Tenta ser simpática. Quando não reclama, sugere. Sorri muito. Atribui significados importantes à musica, ás cores, cheiros, sabores, texturas. Teimosa, orgulhosa, ambiciosa q.b., não cria espectativas, cria objectivos. Gosta de dormir, é preguiçosa mas detesta preguiçar. Perde-se na internet. Perde-se naquele momento perfeito. Perde-se na fotografia. Perde-se nas pessoas. Perde-se na paixão. É apenas mais alguém que escreve.

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